BFP Fire Protection is a full service fire sprinkler contractor specializing in installation. This corporation has been based and modeled after the previous success of Broughton Fire Protection, a large reputable union fire sprinkler contractor. Owners and leaders of BFP Fire Protection are Chris Amos head engineer and Rick Fischer estimator and project manager. Providing support to our managing staff is Paul Broughton, owner of Broughton Fire Protection.

BFP Fire Protection separates itself from other sprinkler contractors by focusing on providing a quality product, designed, fabricated and installed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, on time and without defect.

Pride is in knowing that our product not only provides a premium service in protecting both life and property but is also installed in a manner that is economical and efficient. As our reputation precludes we have been very successful in pleasing our customers, providing jobs for the community and have been lucrative to all who have been financially vested in past years.

We are fully committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees by continually upgrading our high safety standards. To demonstrate this standard, we require Foremen and Journeymen to obtain OSHA-30 training certificates and facilitate continuing education with safety seminars led by professionals.

In the broad-spectrum of fire protection, BFP focuses on the installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems. Products and service provided are as followed design, fabrication, installation, inspection, testing and maintenance. From the start BFP will focus on customer service, truly willing to provide support for any size job or task needed.

Our design and estimating team will work directly with owners, general contractors, architects, engineers and authorities having jurisdiction to meet the requirements of all parties involved.

Having an in-house design staff as well as a complete fabrication shop on site allows us to go straight from design to production with no delay. Our fabrication department maintains all the necessary qualifications and equipment to provide a completely pre-fabricated system meeting the specifications of any fire sprinkler contract, fulfilling the required fabrication list provided by our design staff specifically designed for customers project.

BFP prides it’s self on being a union contractor. We can think of no other way to provide a better final touch to our product than a quality union installation.

Customers are comfortable in the knowledge that once design criteria has been satisfied our field installation is as automatic as the systems we install.

With all systems to guarantee proper operation in an event testing and maintance must be preformed on a regular basis. This is not only a good practice but also a requirement from both the state and insurance carriers having financial risk. BFP maintains a testing, inspection and maintenance division focusing on keeping existing systems in code compliance while verifying that all components are in operable shape. Should a defect be discovered BFP is fully capable of correcting deficiencies.

In business it is clear that not only do you need a product that is in demand, price correctly to insure that you not only cover your cost but also maintain a reasonable level of profit. A key to insuring that all phases of work provided are correct and on budget as prescribed in the bid is to place key personnel in positions that allow them to ensure we are efficient, professional and without deficiency in all phases of providing product.

BFP has a significant advantage over the competition due to its extremely qualified staff in key critical positions. Our design staff lead by Chris Amos uses the most advanced fire sprinkler computer aided software to allow the highest quality design insuring our first steps in our product start off as efficient as possible. Mr. Amos’ expertise comes from not only his in-depth studies of hydraulics in college, but his years working fabricating systems in the shop, installing both residential and commercial systems in the field and more than 5 years experience designing systems for Broughton Fire Protection. Mr. Amos credentials include a College degree from Humboldt State University, NICET certification in the field of design based fire sprinklers system as well as a California state contractors license in fire protection contracting.

Most critical to survival is profitability, without being able to provide profit there is no chance of survival. Rick Fischer heads the estimating department with proven success and motivation not matched by competition. His experience is clearly shown when viewing financial statements from BFP Fire Protection, Inc. Mr. Fischer’s accomplishments in the industry make him a corner stone of this business. Mr. Fisher not only completed his five-year apprenticeship, obtained his contractors license and served for twenty years as a leading field installer, Mr. Fischer is a third generation sprinkler fitter with many contacts in the union and many more with general contractors. His understanding of the total process allows him to accurately develop proposals that are not only competitive but most important profitable. With Mr. Fischer’s reputation in both the field and the office his word and workmanship is welcome by contractors on all projects.

In conclusion BFP’s ability to design, fabricate and install complete fire sprinkler systems in a quick and efficient manner provides a distinct advantage over the competition.

Being a union contractor with a wide pool of well-trained and educated installers ensures both a quality and adequate labor source.

CFO/Project Manager

San Mateo University
Fire Sprinkler Systems Technology

As a third generation fire sprinkler fitter, Rick has over 20 years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry. Over this impressive time period he has successfully managed numerous high level projects for clients throughout Northern California. He is highly skilled at preconstruction planning and organization along with the experience that gets the job done on time and within budget. With strong leadership and communication skills, Rick has developed solid long term partnerships with some of the largest construction companies in California. After managing hundreds of projects he understands what problems can arise and why, and has a history of managing difficult projects with success. As a Partner in BFP, Rick understands how important integrity is to the longevity of your business. His commitment and lifetime connection to the fire sprinkler industry has won him the confidence of clients for every project he undertakes.

2003 – Present
BFP Fire Protection - CFO/Project Manager/Partner

Rick is involved in all phases of the day-to-day operations of running a successful company. He leads all major projects from beginning to end including estimation. He works to troubleshoot problems before they begin by working closely with clients, designers, fabricators and foremen in the field.

2000 – 2003
BFP Fire Protection - Design Engineer/Project Manager

Was responsible for all phases of projects including design, installation and approval of fire sprinkler systems by various City agencies (Local Fire Departments, FM Global, Architects, etc.) Provided professional design services such as system layout, hydraulic and sway brace calculations, field survey, plan review, coordination meetings, and procurement of material.

1993 – 2000
BFP Fire Protection - Fire Sprinkler Foreman

Assumed many duties and responsibilities related to running a jobsite including supervision of installation and coordination of labor to ensure an accurate, proficient and timely install. Coordinated work with other subcontractor trades. Led inspections of fire sprinkler system with Fire Marshals.

1989 – 1993
S&M Fire Protection – Apprentice Fire Sprinkler Fitter/Foreman

1985 – 1989
Tebar Fire Protection – Apprentice Fire Sprinkler Fitter

Rick’s General Project Experience

Brocade at First, San Jose, CA
Project Manager: Rick L. Fischer
General Contractor:
    Vance Brown Builders
    3197 Park Blvd.
    Palo Alto, CA 94306

Muni Metro East LRV Facility, Caesar Chavez, 25th St, San Francisco, CA
Project Manager: Rick L. Fischer
General Contractor:
    Stacy & Witbeck, Inc.
    1320 Harbor Bay Pkwy #240
    Alameda, CA 94502

Palm Valley III-B, Village of Marineo, 150 Palm Valley Blvd., San Jose, CA
Project Manager: Rick L. Fischer
General Contractor:
    Michael Roberts Construction
    1660 Dell Avenue
    Campbell, CA 95008

President/Lead Design Engineer

Humboldt State University
B.S. Environmental Sciences
AutoCAD, Drafting, Hydraulics
General Engineering Design
Licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractor
NICET Certified
National Fire Protection Association Educated

Christopher has close to 15 years of experience in the fire sprinkler industry. As a Partner in the company Christopher is an integral part of the BFP team. His considerable education and experience has led to a high success rate in obtaining approval during the plan review process by the City. He is meticulous and methodical in his design approach and is skilled in coming up with design solutions when difficult issues arise.

2005 – Present
BFP Fire Protection - President/Lead Design Engineer

Responsible for all phases of work related to design including plan review meetings with clients, field survey, peer review from NICET design engineers, layout, hydraulic and sway brace calculations, fabrication lists and subcontractor coordination. He maintains a working knowledge of current fire sprinkler code such as NFPA 13, 13R, 13D, 14, 20, 24, 231, 231C, and is experienced in shell, pre-action, residential and high expansion foam systems.

1996 – 2005
NICET Design Engineer

Apprenticed under NICET Level-4 design engineers learning all aspects of quality design systems. Worked under peer review to gain a working knowledge of fire sprinkler design. Gained the trust of peers to head shell and tenant improvement projects while still in apprentice level.

Chris’ General Project Experience

Stanford - Peterson Renovation, 550 Panama Mall, Stanford, Ca
Engineer/Designer: Christopher Amos
Description: Office Space
General Contractor:
    Vance Brown Builders
    3197 Park Blvd.
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    (650) 849-9900

Britannia East Grand, 438 East Grand Avenue, South San Francisco, Ca
Engineer/Designer: Christopher Amos
Description: Office/Bio-tech
General Contractor:
    Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction
    565 Laurelwood Road
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    (408) 988-4200

Stanford Football Stadium, 100 Galvez Street, Stanford, CA
Engineer/Designer: Christopher Amos
General Contractor:
    Vance Brown Builders
    3197 Park Blvd.
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    (650) 849-9900

2011 BFP Fire Protection, Inc., Scotts Valley, CA.     (831) 461-1100